nflow is hierarchical event dispatcher for managing your application's event, control and data flow.

  • Browser and Platform friendly

    `nflow` is fully supported on IE9+, FF, Chrome and NodeJS
  • Framework friendly

    nFlow plays well with React, Angular, or vanilla javascript applications.
  • Synthetic Events

    The `nFlow`'s event system gives you full control over how events travel through your application.
  • Time Travel and immutability

    nFlow allows you to re-play and debug complex asynchronous event chains.
  • Microservice Architecture

    In nFlow there is no distinction between Events, Dispatchers or Models/Stores.
  • Modern Javascript

    Modern Javascript library without the use of this, new or prototype inheritance

A Simple Example

  import nflow from 'nflow'

  let a = nflow.create('a')
  let b = nflow.create('b')

    .on('hello', handler1)

    .on('hello', handler2)


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